Saturday, December 25, 2010


Since Leaving Australia in mid March we have been, amonst other things, trying to decide how to go about our next adventure. We had decided on Africa; the question was how. After much discussion and debate we decided that we would have a truck/motorhome built for us. This idea was inspired by seeing one such vehicle, although we didn't like the design, we loved the idea and the quality.


We found the man who could and he has - well almost! Our new vehicle is about to go into the paint shop to be painted what we shall to call, Greynomad Blue [Nissan probably call it something else!]. Once that is done there are only a few small bits and pieces left to be done and we should be on the road again in the middle of January.

Now, we have been very bad at taking photos, but here are a few that should give you some idea of what we are getting.
If you look at this again in mid-Jan we will give you a better idea of how and where we plan to go over the next few months

Ed, the builder standing by the door.