Friday, June 8, 2012

It is a month now since we arrived in Namibia and three weeks since we picked up the truck from the docks. Since then we have travelled some 1500 kilometres and seen lots of amazing places and animals. Our first animal encounter was with a Cape fur seal colony. When we arrived we were not sure if we were in the right place as it sounded as though there was a flock of sheep and not seals! As we got closer the noise increased and there were thousands of seals on the shore, in the sea and lolloping around generally. What a sight and what a smell…like dead or processed fish!! It was worth the smell to see the interaction between families and friends…they really are quite cute [when they are small]!! Next day was pretty hectic. We visited the Organ Pipes, rock formations as the name implies…Burnt Mountain, that looked a bit like a slag heap, as you see! Then pictographs, ancient carvings in rock, mostly of animals and finally a petrified forest with `logs` and chunks of `wood` lying on the ground completely solid stone, quite pretty too!!

Our reward for a long day was a really lovely campsite below a granite hill, where a woman came and lit the fire for us, which heated the water for a shower in amongst the boulders…outdoor showering at its best!! Etosha NP was our next goal. We were up early and at the gate into the park as it opened, 6.30!! What a day we had, in spite of having no map, we followed our noses and saw all sorts of birds, springbok, giraffe, a leopard in a tree, and at a large waterhole a whole herd of elephants who drank and splashed and interacted with each other as only elephants can!!! One little elephant got separated from his mother, and there was a tremendous trumpeting when she finally arrived and a drink of milk was needed before anything else! The other 4 days we spent in the park were equally exciting, kudu, lion, gemsbok, more elephants; giraffe that look so odd when they need a drink as they almost do the splits!! The bird watching has been good too, though we find it difficult to remember the names these days!! We treated ourselves to a night drive with a guide and watched 3 black rhinos getting quite excited about who owned the waterhole!! All ended peacefully with some sort of agreement…for that night anyway!

 After 5 days animal watching we felt all “animaled out” and some American friends of ours, Frank and Annie who we first met in Mexico10 years ago, were back in Namibia so we arranged to meet and had 2 great days sharing experiences, stories, wine, beer and food. It was great fun! The plan now, after Liz gets a tooth re-filled is to head north into the Caprivi Strip before heading into Botswana and South Africa. In addition to the photos here there are more on the photos page [above right] and the map has been updated [above centre]

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