Friday, June 14, 2013

South Luangwa National Park is all that it says in the guide books. Loads of
animals of all sorts. Well organized with good roads through the park and a good
deal of freedom - you can get out of your car where ever you want, your risk.
Really, really nice feeling all over.

We did two organized game drives with the campsite we stayed at and also spent a day
in the park with our truck.

The really big thing here is the leopards. We didn't see any. Our neighbours saw 3!
To add insult to injury, we saw them about half a mile behind us at a point we had
passed a short time earlier, saw their camera flashing and guess what they were

We didn't see this but they gave us the photo.
However, we did see these. They had just killed a buffalo and were sleeping it off.
They are so close to the truck that you can smell them. We didn't need a long lens
for this photo.

Back into town tomorrow to prepare for the crossing into Malawi - money changing,
top up with diesel, shopping etc. probably not really necessary but we like to do it
when we have the chance just in case half the bad things we are told are true.

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