Sunday, April 21, 2013

Having done what we had to do we set off nortwards to visit Etosha National Park. Found a very nice campsite with a pleasant bar and good facilities. Accacia Campground, Otjiwarongo. The following morning the truck decided that 3 minutes was all it was going to do today. Since then [Thursday morning] I have tried various things to get it going but to little avail. Tomorrow [Monday] a mechanic is comming to try his hand. Actually, it hasn't been that bad an experience. There must be far worse places to break down. We are parked under the shade of some lovely trees and have an electricity supply to run the fridge. Freddy, the owner of the place has been very helpful and taken me into town to get the bits that (I thought) I needed. His bar has a TV set and we spent a plesent couple of hours yesterday watching the Sharks against the Cheetahs. Rugby down here is a different game to our club rugby. Anyway, hopefully, we shall get things sorted in the morning and will be able to move on.

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