Monday, April 29, 2013

Some people say that it is a mistake to go back to a place you have enjoyed. That has seldom been our experience and our visit to Etosha National Park was certainly the equal [plus] of our first visit 11 months ago.

This time we had the most fabulous viewing of a lion with 2 females and 2 cubs. They were so helpful in that they decided to flop down under a tree about 10 feet from the roadside and just “lollop”! We spent an age just watching sleeping lions – not sure what that says about us??

 There is no doubt that there has been a shortage of rain in Namibia during the last year. This could be seen in the waterholes which had much less water than last year and also that the whole place looked, well, just dry! These 2 photos were taken from roughly the same position 11 months apart!

Because it was so dry the majority of the animals were to be found at the waterholes, which makes it quite easy to see them. There seemed to be few birds around, although this Martial Eagle did look rather grand just sitting by the water.

After the excitement of Etosha we retired to a campsite we had visited last year at Grootfontein. [we spent a few days here then with our American friends, Frank and Annie] Here we were able to have a really nice steak in the restaurant and watch some more Super 15 Rugby! At home we watch very little TV, here we seem to travel from one place to another looking for a TV set so that we can watch some sporting event or another!

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