Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sorry we haven't written anything of late but we haven't been doing much traveling! Since writing last we have spent most of our time in the UK getting some medical running repairs and maintenance done. Luckily, that has all been successfully completed with the only aftermath being daily tablets and some stretching exercises. So, it's back to our travels. After a good, although rather long flight via Zurich and Johannesburg, we arrived in Windhoek to be met by the folks who had been storing our truck at a campsite/hotel and long term vehicle storage place just outside Windhoek. Temperature on arrival was 25 degrees, and it has stayed like that since. It's taken us a few days to get sorted, have an oil change done and stock up the fridge and "wine cellar", but now we are ready to move on. All we have left to do is to pick up our insurance papers and a few little bits of shopping and we shall be driving north to visit Etoshia again. Our overall plan is to travel from here to Nairobi, on a route yet to be decided, arriving there in plenty of time to fly home at the end of September for a family wedding. We will keep you posted on our adventures.

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