Monday, April 22, 2013

So, the problems are now over! Almost. Fuel problem turned out to be a broken joint in the fuel line, not a faulty pump. Took the mechanic 2 hours to find the problem and 30 minutes to fix it. (Most of the time taken with running into town to get a new fitting!) So now we have a truck with an electric fuel pump, rather than the original mechanical one. No big deal but no great advantage either, just £100 poorer! Tomorrow we shall be off to Etosha once we have tidied up the wiring for the electric fuel pump and done something about the lock on Liz's door. When we came back from the supermarket this afternoon the barrel of the lock fell out when Liz put the key in. We don't know if this was because someone had tried to break in or if it is just "wear and tear". Whatever it is we shall have to get it sorted so that we can lock the cab when we leave the truck. Normal service has been resumed!