Sunday, May 19, 2013

After the magnificence of Victoria Falls we decided to go and see some animals!

We set off for a National Park, driving 200ks on tar then 80 on rough road which
took us much longer than the tar! There were rough patches on the rough patches,
concrete bridges with no sides, small communities all along the road with excited
children rushing out to wave at us,and several broken down vehicles, one of which
was desperate for a drink of water as they had been there for 20 hours!
We alsoparted with 4 apples too!!!
We arrived at the entrance to the park just at closing time, so they kindly let us
stay the night, and we were ready to set off early the next morning. We drove for
about 40ks, the road got worse till we got to a stage where we were afraid the truck
might turn over in a 4 ft hole, so we turned around and sadly left the park, but
with our home still intact. To add insult to injury we hit a large bump and 2
cupboard doors flew open! 2 bottles of wine broke and spread themselves all over the
floor,a large jar of Nescafe also broke and mixed its contents with the wine,French
dressing was also added to the mix....disgusting. We now have locks on our doors,so
providing we remember to fasten them,things should be better!
We spent the week-end on a farm,with camping! We slept next to a flock of sheep and
goats,who woke us early each morning...they went out to graze each day...we watched
the endeavors of the villagers as they came and went,often carrying large buckets of
water on their is amazing how they do that...and we admired their best
clothes as they went of to church on Sunday..the school children also looked smart
as they went off to school on Monday morning.
Next we went to stay on a working farm. 1000 beef cattle, 600 sheep and significant
numbers of game. Also it is home to a small bird which is on the 1 kwetcha coin,
called a Zambian (or Chaplin's ) barbet. It is an endangered species and we enjoyed
going with one of the farm workers to seek it out. It was always in the top of the
trees so no really close look, but it was lovely to see.( we shall become twitchers
We camped in the garden with bushbuck coming to drink each morning and
12 peacocks woke us each morning, and 5 horses mooched around all day. The
campsite was full of a school trip,about 25 youngsters from Lusaka out for an
adventure. We went to join them for lunch, and had long chats with their teachers
and the owner of the farm. Very interesting.

Now we are back in Livingstone, having a new diesel tank fitted. Our old one had
been leaking diesel from its seams for a while,and the cap didn't fit properly.
Zambian diesel is quite expensive,and we were fed up with the leaking, so Ferdy is
fitting a new one,with the help of his 3 guys. We are sitting waiting in a garden
cafe called Zig-zag, with pop music playing,and lots of shade. We have been
told it will be about an hour more (we have been here for 3 already) so we shall
see. We are learning that time is something different in Africa!!!


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