Sunday, May 19, 2013

So the new tank is fixed and we shall know in a couple of days if it requires any adjustment. Seems fine at the moment!

In the meantime we decided to go and have a look at the Zambezi Gorge. Several people had told us how spectacular it was. Firstly we had a look at a couple of the “adrenalin trips”, a zip wire across a 200 meter deep gorge and the “gorge swing”, which appeared to be a cross between a bungee jump and a zip wire. Neither of these appealed to us [which I’m sure will not surprise you]. Whilst we were there we saw no other takers either.

In the afternoon we found ourselves at the Base Camp of an American Missionary group who had the most amazing site overlooking rapid 14 on the gorge.

Should they ever decide to give up saving souls in Africa, I am quite certain that all of the big hotel chains will beat a path to their door to buy the site for their No.1 hotel. Apart from the view they ran a fleet of ex-NATO DAF trucks, some of which they had driven down from Holland about 5 or 6 years ago. Unfortunately they were all a little older than our DAF and had different engines otherwise we might have been involved in some practical mechanics rather than just “telling war stories” about our trucks.

Back into the civilisation of Livingstone for the weekend before reporting to Ferdy for a final check on the tank. We gave it a fair hammering yesterday. The roads to the mission were not as bad as the roads we were on last week-end but not far off!

I have updated the map but have not brought us back from Choma to Livingstone as this could get very confusing with the little blue bubbles!


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