Sunday, September 28, 2014


We are just sitting in the airport in Mombasa awaiting a flight with Jambojet (the Kenyan equivalent of Ryanair). 

We have been in Mombasa for just over a week getting the truck sorted and put onto a ship to get it back to Europe.  Earlier this morning we watched the ship sail past our beachside hotel and off intqo the blue yonder.  Next time we see the truck will be the middle of next month in Barcelona.

Meanwhile, back to the cooler and less humid climate of Nairobi, staying with Mickey and Jane until we fly back to England on Thursday evening.

There was supposed to be a blog from Mombasa with lots of animal photos from our last safari to Samburu - but - the internet service from our hotel wasn't up to it!  Hope to get it out in the next few days from Nairobi.

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