Monday, September 1, 2014


During our visit to the Mara we stayed in a lodge on the top of the escarpment overlooking the plains of the Massai Mara.  Our bedroom consisted of a very smart tent with lovely stone tile floors and all mod cons. The veranda looked out over the Mara and we were able to see small planes coming and going with new visitors as well as herds of animals roaming about.

So taken were we with the smartness of our surroundings that we forgot to take any photos ourselves.  These are a bit of a cheat taken from the publicity blurb with our iPad!  The final photo is the view, taken with a proper camera by us.


Unknown said...

Hi Liz & Mike
Somehow lost your email address and want to catch up and pick your brains on Namibia! Can you give me a shout at david@bigorangebedford please? Good to see you are still truckin'!

Unknown said...

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